Harp Event Info


I thank you for your interest in having harp music at your event. Please read over the following guidelines, which will help to make the day go smoothly.


1. Parking I must be able to load and unload my equipment at a reasonable distance to your event site. Most venues are quite agreeable to my needs; however, please mention this in advance. Should your guests be required to have a pass or other clearances in order to park, please also include me on the list. Also if there is an additional fee for parking, that must be included in my price in advance.


2. Set up Should I be required to move the harp up or down a large number of steps, I will more than likely need some assistance. Most often people are willing to help; however, not always if they are not aware of this possibility in advance.

I come equipped with everything I need, including a chair. Please know that if I have agreed to perform in an outdoor setting, I must have an area which provides a flat surface and some type of prevention from direct sunlight. As was discussed, my harp insurance policy will not indemnify me in the event my instrument is damaged from weather (i.e. rain, mist, strong winds). Please keep this in mind if the weather appears threatening the day of your event.


3. Hours of engagement Please know that my start and ending times are what are written into the contract. I arrive at least 45 minutes of the start time to set up and tune. However, if for any reason your event is late in starting, I would require an additional fee (if my schedule permits) if you request that I play beyond the agreed upon hour.


4. Breaks For events where I am playing background music, please know that I must take a 15 minute break for each hour. I am more than happy to arrange these breaks, whenever possible, around “toasts” or speeches so that the music is as continuous as possible.


5. Music selection If your event is a wedding ceremony, I have included a worksheet to assist you in planning the places where music is most often required. If you wish to request music other than what is on my demo CD, please do so at least 6 weeks in advance. I am happy to consider any and all requests, but ultimately the music must be able to be transcribed for the harp, should an arrangement not exist.



I hope that this information will help as you plan for your event.